Health & Safety Essentials: Leadership

Health & Safety Essentials Part 2 - Leadership

Health and safety leadership

Q. What practical steps should I undertake as a leader in my organisation?

You need to demonstrate to your workers that you are committed to Health & Safety yourself. If you see that someone is working in an unsafe manner, let them know that this is unacceptable and it will not be tolerated in your organisation.

Make sure that you know what is happening on a daily basis in your workplace. Whether you actually inspect and check processes and procedures yourself or employ a manager to do this for you, you should know what is happening in your own organisation by actually creating time to actually see working practices and documents for yourself.

Make sure that you regularly review your Health & Safety performance at a top level. Continually update your risk assessments and make sure you still comply with ever changing legislation.

Importantly, you must be aware that the consequences of not complying with Health & Safety requirements have increased significantly in recent times as a result of the new Corporate Manslaughter Legislation.

Park City would meet with your managers and directors on a regular basis to review your Health & Safety performance.

Park City also offer IOSH Directing Safely and IOSH Managing Safely courses that are ideal for those at the top of your organisation who are responsible for the safety, health & welfare of your workforce.

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