Health & Safety Essentials: Management

Health & Safety Essentials Part 1 - Health & Safety Management

Health and safety management

Q. What is Health & Safety management?

Good Health & Safety management is about making the safety, health and welfare of your workers and others (such as clients, contractors and members of the public) of equal importance to both quality and sales within your organisation.

Health & Safety management is not just the responsibility of your Directors and Management Team; it is the responsibility of all of your employees. It should become part of your organisations culture and ultimately the way ‘things are done around here'.

Park City's Health & Safety consultants can make you aware of this responsibility but they cannot embed this culture in your organisation for you. It is the duty of your organisations owners, directors and management team to make Health & Safety one of it's core values.

Q. What practical steps can I undertake to ensure I have a safe and healthy workforce?

Whilst it may sound like a daunting task, you must do whatever is ‘reasonably practicable' to protect the health, safety and welfare of your employees and others.

In order to do this, you must first identify all of the risks that have the potential to cause harm as a result of your activities. You must then assess these risks based on the likelihood of something occurring and the severity of any potential outcome. This is known as ‘Risk Assessment'.

High risk activities need a higher level of time, money and effort to reduce the risk to an acceptable level. Low risks will require less effort. Importantly, you are not aiming to eliminate all risk, but to sensibly manage this risk.

Park City can train you and your employees about how to analyse and assess risks in your organisation and suggest ways of sensibly managing this risk.

Q. Once I have assessed the risks in my organisation, what should I do next?

You should formulate a plan that outlines how you propose to sensibly manage risk in your organisation and the control measures needed to reduce risk where it cannot be eliminated.

Decide on what you want to happen, put safe methods of working and systems of work in place, make sure that your employees have the right training, safe equipment/tools to do their jobs safely and efficiently and importantly, check on a regular basis that work continues to be done safely.

Crucially, involve your workforce - as mentioned before, good Health & Safety management is about ensuring that all your employees are involved in your decision making processes. Listen to their problems and successes and make improvements based on what they tell you. Remember, it is often your employees ‘on the front line' that are exposed to risks on a daily basis.

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