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Training & Development | Health & Safety Training Courses

At Park City we offer bespoke and open Health & Safety training courses. We are an accredited training centre delivering IOSH, CIEH, ROSPA, OfQual and BSC. Below are some of the subjects we cover in our open and tailored courses.

These can be held at your place of work or at our state-of-the-art training suite in Colchester.

Click here to see our scheduled calendar of our open Health and Safety Courses

Our courses are developed by Park City's own expert Health & Safety Consultants and can be adapted to meet your company needs.

Health & Safety Awareness Training Course

Within a company it's not just the employer who needs to understand Health & Safety, it's everybody. All employees must be aware of their legal responsibilities.

Allow Park City to offer you and your workforce practical advice and guidance.

This bespoke training course will outline all the current legal requirements for your business, and outline the following areas; risk assessments, accidents and reporting procedures, COSHH, Manual Handling and personal protective equipment, the dangers associated with electricity and fire and employee welfare and first aid.


IOSH Directing Safely for Small and Medium Enterprise Training Course

The Directing Safely for small and medium enterprise course is a one-day course specifically designed for you, the directors and owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, who are ultimately responsible for the Health & Safety of your employees and all who visit your place of work.

This course is specially designed for Directors, Senior Managers and Owners

The topics to be covered include; Health & Safety management, Good business sense, Getting it wrong and right, Planning for success and the expected roles of leaders in companies.

On completion of this course, you will gain a complete understanding of the moral, legal and business case for embracing Health & Safety management in a proactive manner, whilst also gaining a good understanding of effective risk management.

Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) 'Directing Safely' and 'Managing Safely' Courses

IOSH Managing Safely Training Course

The managing safely course is designed for those in your firm who are required to manage safely and effectively, in compliance with your organisation's policies and best practice in Health & Safety.

The topics covered include; Risk assessment and control, Legislation, Common Hazards, Accident Investigations Reactive and Active Monitoring and Safety Management Systems.

This 4 day course will ensure that safety requirements are appreciated by those people employed as Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors allowing them to review their own departmental systems for safety, introduce new controls and implement changes that will ensure that your organisation operates as safely as possible.


British Safety Council (BSC) Levels 1 and 2 Health & Safety

BSC Level 1 Health and Safety

The Level 1 Certificate in Health & Safety at Work aims to formalise Health & Safety induction training in the form of a nationally-recognised qualification. The syllabus is based on the national occupational standards, which cover the basics of Health & Safety in the workplace, and is designed to provide the underpinning knowledge for the Health & Safety element of a range of sector-specific NVQs.

This Health & Safety course uses a bespoke, flexible learning model, which will allow your organisation to prepare candidates as you wish, using learning materials supplied by BSC Awards.

The course will include the following elements; The legal position, The working environment, Workplace accidents, Risk Management and many other modules.

Following completion of an exam, your successful candidates will be issued with a certificate from the British Safety Council. Ultimately, your workforce will have higher motivation, be more productive and much safer, as a result of Park City's training.

BSC Level 2 Health and Safety - Certificate in Supervising Staff Safely

The Level 2 Certificate in Supervising Staff Safety is aimed at those within your organisation with general responsibility for the Health & Safety of others. This course will provide your supervisors, team leaders, department heads and junior managers with a nationally-recognised qualification.

This practical training course is based on the national occupational standards, which provide supervisors with the knowledge and understanding necessary to promote Health & Safety in your workplace.

This syllabus is designed to provide the underpinning knowledge for the Health & Safety element of a range of sector-specific NVQs and a progression route to the BSC Awards

Level 3 Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health

This health & safety training course also utilises a bespoke, flexible learning model, allowing your business to prepare candidates as seen fit, using learning materials supplied by BSC Awards. This training course uses fit for purpose assessment tasks, related directly to your firm's workplace, which test the application of learning in a practical context.

Your organisation's successful candidates will be issued with a nationally recognised certificate from the British Safety Council, giving you peace of mind that your employees and workplace are operating as safely, efficiently and effectively as possible.

Risk Assessment & Dynamic Risk Assessments Training Course

A risk assessment is a careful examination of what could cause harm to people, you can then weigh up if you have done enough to protect people, or if you need to do more.

A risk assessment is carried out to identify the risks to health and safety to any person arising out of, or in connection with work or the conduct of their undertaking.

Our half day Health & Safety training course will equip your staff to carry out suitable and sufficient risk assessments.

Traditional risk assessment programmes exist to identify practicable risks arising from work activities, ensuring that suitable risk control measures are in place.

Dynamic Risk assessment, however, focuses on those situations where risk isn't so easily predictable, when your staff are faced with a changing risk situation, and work ‘away from base' in the field

If your firm relies on staff to be able to make dynamic risk assessments, and therefore identify and implement suitable risk controls, then contact Park City's expert Health & Safety consultants who will ensure that your employees are suitably competent and confident to do so.

This bespoke course will make sure that your staff can identify hazards, assess dynamic risks and record dynamic risk information, relevant to your own firm's situation and practices.

Fire Safety Awareness Training Course

Are your employees fully aware of all fire procedures, precautions and preventive measures relating to your workplace's fire safety arrangements? If you are uncertain, then do not hesitate to contact Park City's expert Health & Safety Consultants.

This course will ensure that your company meets all the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order for the provision of information, instruction and training to all employees, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you have a safe, protected and knowledgeable workforce.

Fire Warden Training

This course is specifically designed for those in your organisation who are responsible for the effective management of all aspects of fire safety. Park City's expert Consultants will ensure that your chosen employees are aware of; potential fire hazards, your company's specific fire procedures, the correct course of action when undertaking a fire drill and the particulars of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005.

You can rest assured that following Park City's expert, bespoke and detailed training, your fire safety management will be in the hands of highly competent and capable fire wardens.

On completion of this course , you will be able to carry out all Fire Wardens duties to help, protect your employees and your premises

The Principles of Manual Handling Training

Injuries from manual handling activities have long been recognised as a major source of operational injury. All your staff members whose work involves the lifting or carrying of objects should be appropriately trained to prevent injuries in the workplace. 

This practical training programme offered by Park City covers all the essentials of safe manual handling, from the legal background to the common causes of strain, fatigue and injury.

This training course will enable your employees to identify, select and develop suitable lifting techniques, allowing them to lift in an appropriate, safe and correct manner, thereby reducing their risk of injury and giving your firm a safer working environment.

Train the Trainer Coaching

The demand for quality training has never been greater. However, to be most effectively delivered the trainer needs to have appropriate training skills.

When it comes to Health & Safety, it's not simply your staff that may require extra training, it can be the trainers themselves. Often sound training content can be obscured by the poor delivery skills of the trainer.

This tailored programme offered by Park City is designed to enable your trainers to communicate with clarity, enthusiasm and interest and to equip them with the tools and techniques to effectively deliver training programmes. It includes a practical session on the preparation and delivery of a short training module.

The programme will include; Training skills and knowledge, Learning styles, How to plan and structure a course and training preparation.

Park City's unique training programme is suitable for new and experienced trainers from any discipline who wish to understand more about the training role and how to maximise the potential for learning within a group.

The benefits for your business? By taking advantage of a health & safety training course, your firm will gain an invaluable trainer, who can offer effective learning tools and techniques to your employees, enabling good practice and efficiency to cascade down through your business.

Basic Food Hygiene Course

Current legislation requires that all food handlers within your company undertake training, keep their knowledge up to date and participate in refresher training at least every 3 years. This programme offered by Park City's Health and Safety experts will enable your employees to understand the basic principles of food safety and how to apply these principles in your workplace.

This course will also ensure that all your employees who have a responsibility for handling food have a complete understanding of the hazards and safety risks associated with food hygiene.

Both CIEH accredited and Basic non accredited courses are available as part of our food hygiene training in Essex, as well as E Learning modules if distance is an issue.

All of this gives you a hygienic, clean and safe working environment, which meets all the requirements of current legislation and best practice.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Assessments

Within the working environment there may be many substances that are hazardous to your employees' health. From harmful and toxic chemicals to the bi-products of manufacturing, such as gas, dust and fumes, which your employees could touch, ingest or breathe in. Allow Park City to reduce your risk and raise your employees' awareness.

Our Health & Safety expert consultants will coach your workforce in order for them to understand how to recognise hazardous substances and how to deal with them accordingly. We, at Park City, know that each working environment is unique and that each manufacturing process is unique.

That is why Park City's Health & Safety experts will tailor this training specifically around your company's practices and workplace.

This bespoke training offered by Park City will; raise your workforce's awareness, reduce your risk and ultimately, give you the peace of mind that your workplace is as productive and safe as can be, in line with current legislation and Health & Safety best practice.

Specialist Health & Safety Courses

  • Prefabricated Mobile Access Tower Training Course
  • Work At Height Awareness Training Course
  • Safety Harness Training Course
  • Banksman and Slinger Training Course - Transport Use
  • Abrasive Wheels Training Course
  • Asbestos Awareness Training Course
  • Steps & Ladder Awareness Training Course
  • Personal Protective Equipment – Training Course
  • Devising Safe Systems of Work – Training Course
  • Basic Machinery Safety – Training Course
  • CDM Awareness – Training Course
  • DSE Assessor Training Course
  • Hand Arm Vibration – Training Course
  • Flammable Liquids – Training Course

If you have any questions or queries concerning the Health & Safety training courses and IOSH training courses that we have to offer, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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