Part 5: Your Employees' Responsibilities

It is not only your duty to look after your employees. They also have a responsibility to:

  • Inform their employer if they think that the pressure of the job requirements is putting them or any of their colleagues at risk of ill health
  • Suggest to their employer ways in which their work might be organised to alleviate the stress that they are feeling
  • Discuss with their employer any reasonable adjustments that they believe could be made to assist them in performing their job
  • Recognise and acknowledge the symptoms - only then can you begin to get it under control
  • Talk to someone who can help; spouse, manager, colleague, union representative, friend, doctor, counsellor, vicar or priest
  • Make sure that they have a good work/life balance
  • Look after themselves using emotional outlets (singing, talking, writing), physical exercise, eating healthily and getting enough sleep

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