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Take your organisation to the next level with our leadership coaching services, helping your leaders bring true change and make the very most of their abilities.

Driving change

These sessions are aimed at Director/CEO level primarily, however, managers responsible for implementing change at every level of the business have also benefited from these one-to-one coaching sessions. Being able to drive change through an organisation effectively means being able to visualise, strategise and importantly implement those in all the areas required. The ability to drive change is imperative to an organisation being able to thrive in today's economy. These sessions support individuals to clarify and implement those processes, minimising both the time and costs involved.

Leadership coaching

These individual sessions can be tailored to both established and experienced top level leaders as well as those new to management and team leadership. Excellent leadership depends entirely on being able to communicate and motivate others to realise your expectations. Partner that approach with an open management style, one which engages employees and promotes communication and you'll discover those leaders who stand out from their peers. A strong consultative approach and management style is essential. These sessions help our clients identify their strengths and draw on those in order to 'up their game' in competitive industries, where only those who stand out survive.

Employee engagement

From supervisors to Director level, being an ambassador for employee engagement is a commitment. If employees are involved in company decisions, aware of a company's focus, goals and vision, if they are able to understand their role in that process, they'll feel more engaged, more productive and have a direct impact on bottom line and productivity., These sessions guide our clients through these issues to form strong bonds, retaining talented staff at every level of the business.

Decision making

Knowing that your staff in each area of the business are capable of making solid, strong decisions that they can back-up and support, gives those at board level, stakeholders and shareholders the confidence that your business requires. These sessions work with individuals at every level of the company to ensure they understand how they personally know when they're making decisions that will stand up to scrutiny. Stressful situations can lead to poor decision making, lack of confidence and poor judgement – these sessions strengthen the skills needed to be level headed, strategic and intuitive in a business setting for long term success.

Communication skills

Being able to communicate your message is a core skill of every individual in an organisation. Being able to articulate your thoughts, break down objectives within your sphere of responsibility and ensure that stakeholders and junior employees understand targets and goals will give a company the back bone it needs to thrive. The confidence to communicate well to various sectors of the business gives staff a critical edge for leadership.

Time management

Being able to make the most productive use of time is one of the key tools in every area of business and has a direct impact on bottom line. These sessions help our clients to identify how they spend their time, prioritise their workload and understand their comfort zones. It's easy for routine and habit to creep into the workplace, when managers and leaders behave the same way they always have, the results they generate are unlikely to change. Asking employees to consider those comfort zones, with a view to stretching them and bringing about new routines, will give rise to new behaviour and new positive results. These sessions are hugely beneficial to every member of an organisation.

Creating credibility

Appropriate for inexperienced staff who have the potential to be the leaders of tomorrow. Understanding how to stand out in an organisation and how to develop their skills in the business is an important technique for ambitious graduates and trainees. Cultivating a sense of achievement within an organisation will mean you're seen as an employer of choice and will keep attracting talented individuals to be of value in their industry of choice.

Personal focus sessions

Every leader and every employee is different. Each person has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses to identify and improve upon if a company is to succeed. These confidential personal development training sessions give everyone an opportunity to develop their talents and to understand how to grow into their roles using their key strengths. These sessions empower and inspire, which means a closer engagement to the company, their role and their potential.

Packages for improved performance

  • 6 sessions
  • 3 sessions
  • Individual sessions - each session lasts approximately 1½ hours face to face
  • Telephone Coaching is available


“I got to the stage where I felt I needed to change aspects of my performance in order to up my game and become more successful, I didn’t know how to go about making these changes and I had started feeling stressed and overwhelmed. A colleague asked if I had considered Coaching. So I researched the market and started working with one of Park City’s coaching team and within a couple of sessions I had mapped out a plan of what I wanted to do and how I was going to go about making some really positive changes at work and at home."

"The results I found had a major impact on me, my role and my business and also my home life. I felt more in control and could clearly see the way forward, I felt more motivated and more confident and this led to clarity of thinking and improved relationships with work colleagues and family. I would recommend coaching to anyone wanting to take their own performance to another level.”


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