HR Compliance Checklist

Checklist to check compliance with Employment Law

Making sure that your organisation is legally compliant with the latest Employment Laws, may not be at the top of your agenda... until something goes wrong. Take action now to prevent a tribunal or damage to your company’s reputation.

Use this checklist to identify what essentials need to be put in place to ensure compliance with ever-changing Employment Law.

How our Free Employment Law Compliance Checklist will help your business

Gain clarity on Company Handbook requirements

The checklist provides a full list of all essential employment law policies That your company Handbook needs to include.

Gain clarity on what a water-tight Employment Contract contains

Under law, all businesses must produce a written statement of terms and conditions for their employees. Ensure your employment contracts protect your business.

How to keep up with ever-changing Employment Law Updates

UK Employment Law updates happen on a regular basis. Keep aware of changes and actions you need to take to remain compliant with current UK Employment Law.

Our Employment Law Checklist provides you with:

  • Company Handbook policies
  • Contract of Employment guidance
  • HR Admin guidance
  • Legislation update requirements

Review a list of essentials that you must meet to comply. Download our Employment Law Checklist.



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