COVID Outbreak Management Policy

Plan your COVID Outbreak Management Policy now using our draft

The current main area of risk to your business is the potential loss of staff due to self-isolation or positive COVID-19 cases in the workplace. These workplace cases may come directly from staff interactions at work or may be triggered by Track and Trace, and most likely you will have little time to react before action needs to be taken. This is why a clear outbreak management policy needs to be put in place so you and your staff know what the next steps are. 

We’ve written this draft policy to help you effectively plan your business response by amending the draft to suit your business. Download the draft policy now. 

How the draft can benefit the management of a COVID outbreak in your workplace

Have the necessary steps in one easy to follow document.

Everything you need to know about managing a potential outbreak, all in one document. Gives you the guidance needed to put your own management plan in place and ensure the actions are taken when needed. 

Links to government action cards

It is important that you know what the relevant actions are for your specific business sector, as each sector will have to deal with a workplace outbreak in a different way. Within the COVID Outbreak Management Policy document we have included a link to the government action cards. We encourage you to download the action cards relevant to your sector and use these to brief your management and leadership teams of what to do if you have a positive case within your staff or if track and trace contact you to confirm a potential outbreak.

Download COVID Outbreak Management Policy and gain clarity on how your business will deal with a potential workplace outbreak.

Know what to do if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs in your workplace

Save time. Download the COVID Outbreak Management Policy now to help you plan your reaction.

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