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HR | Employee Relations

Our internal communications services will help build your staff morale and create a culture your organisation can be proud of.

Disciplinary situations

The mismanagement of disciplinary issues can be very expensive and time consuming for your business. This is highlighted by the fact that the average cost of an employment tribunal is £17,500, and most findings of unfair dismissal can be attributed to a failure in the procedure that the employer followed.

Park City can handle these situations for you in a timely and effective manner, ensuring that you always understand the legal context and comply with  best practice. Please don't think twice about contacting Park City today. Although our HR consultants are based near London, we work with clients across the UK.

If you have a current HR issue that needs resolving, we offer a free consultation to understand your situation and offer the best solution. We give good, honest and professional advice.

Staff surveys

Poor staff relations could lead to many problems for your business, including; fear, gossip, uncertainty and low morale. Under these conditions it will be very hard for staff to perform effectively. Let Park City help remove these problems from your workplace for you.

Our expert Human Resources management team will design, draft, disseminate and analyse a staff survey within your company, before creating a detailed report that can be delivered to Senior Management and chosen staff members. This will allow you to resolve any staff issues that may have arisen and your business to perform more efficiently and effectively in its day-to-day business.

Attendance and absence management

As one of the most common problems for many employers, it is not always easy to deal with absence management and the subsequent rising workload whilst remaining compliant with the law. Park City's employment experts can manage these scenarios for your business.

Park City's experienced HR consultants will set up an absence management process for your business, introduce flexible working policies and ensure your managers are trained to deal with absence effectively. All this means that your business will have greater staff motivation and a reduced absence rate.

Staff performance

Poor staff performance can lead to low team morale, a demotivated workforce and low productivity for your business. If this is a problem for your business, let Park City help solve the problem for you. We will ensure that your employees fully understand your expectations regarding their performance our expert consultants will guarantee that your business has the right policies and processes in place to manage performance.

Giving your business higher productivity, lower costs and greater profits.

Staff welfare

Low staff morale equals low productivity for your firm, which is why you must deal with issues affecting this quickly. Harassment, discrimination and bullying are common staff welfare complaints, but does your firm have the skills and legal knowledge to solve them and still follow the correct process?

Our Human Resources specialists are proficient in all aspects of employment law, from discrimination to equal opportunities. So if you contact Park City, we can resolve your staff welfare issues with minimum disruption to your business.


These situations are quite common but always unwelcome, and it isn't always easy for your Management team to know how to handle these situations personally and professionally. Let Park City use their expert knowledge to help you manage these matters, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your business is doing the right thing.

Coaching and mentoring

If you think that your business management practices might be slightly out-dated, inflexible and inefficient then do not delay in contacting Park City. Our expert employment consultants will develop your management skills through focused, one to one coaching, providing continuity for the chosen Managers and improved productivity for your firm as a whole.

Leaving your business safe in the knowledge that, with Park City by your side, you have a trusted confidante, a close mentor and a faithful business ally.

If you have a current HR Issue that needs resolving, we would like to offer you a FREE consultation. No sales talk, just good, honest and professional advice.

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