Fair Redundancy Checklist

If redundancies are required due to the impact of COVID-19 on your business, the usual employment law rules apply in relation to the substantive and procedural fairness of your redundancy process. Every organisation, regardless of their size, must follow specific steps in order to ensure the redundancy process is a fair one. 

Follow 5 steps on this Redundancy Process checklist to ensure your redundancy process is fair.  

How our free Fair Redundancy Process Checklist will help

Step 1: Deciding to make redundancies
The checklist will help you determine how many redundancies are going to take place, why and the rules that apply when making these business-critical decisions. 

Step 2: Determine how you will communicate with employees regarding redundancies
Follow the checklist to determine communication requirements, ensuring you are proceeding in the right way, being compliant and fair. 

Step 3: Provide guidance on the consultation process
Regardless of the numbers of employees that you intend to make redundant at one establishment, you will have to consult with them. Follow the checklist for guidance on what is required. 

Step 4: Utilise fair scoring
Gain an understanding of the concept of fair scoring, the record-keeping and how to justify your methods. 

Step 5: Notifying Employees of the Outcome
Gain guidance on considerations for conducting the all-important notification of outcomes. 

Gain peace of mind that your Redundancy Process is Fair. Download the fair redundancy checklist and proceed with confidence. 

We are here to help you with each step. Get in touch to discuss how we can assist you.

With our support, you can create an emotional gap between managing business requirements and the needs of your people, while also ensuring your redundancy process is fair. 

Gain peace of mind that your Redundancy Process is Fair

Download the fair redundancy checklist and proceed with confidence.

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