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Course Dates: TBC
Course Duration: Half Day, 9:30 - 12:30 pm 
Location: Park City Consulting, Ardleigh
Category: Management/HR



Modules: 9
Trainers: Jennie Galione, Katie Finbow & Charlotte Hearn
Suggested Study Time: 3 Hours in total


  • Quite often employees who are promoted into management positions may be experts in their field of work but have no experience to be able to cope with people issues.
  • This practical course covers key issues which managers may have to deal with on a regular basis as well as providing an overview on what it actually means to be a manager.

Study Topics

  • What makes an effective/ineffective manager?
  • Look at the difference between management and leadership
  • Communication & Influencing Skills
  • Managing conflict views
  • Managing Conduct and Performance: rewarding good and tackling the bad
  • Managing and protecting your time
  • Recruitment and how to get it right
  • Appraisals
  • Absence management

Is This Course For Me?

  • If you are a newly hired or promoted manager, you're more than welcome to attend this course
  • An experienced manager who would like a refresher in management


  • Great for first time manager who need to know the basics of what it takes to taken on their first team

Trainers - Jennie Galione, Katie Finbow & Charlotte Hearn

Jennie Galione Katie Finbow Charlotte Hearn
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