Hotels and Accommodation

Keeping guests happy requires a lot from you and your staff. Meeting these constant demands can be challenging for employees, impacting the way they conduct themselves in work. Profits depend on happy smiling faces. That’s why putting in a focussed effort to keep staff happy is essential: 

  • Happy employees are 31% more productive and three times more creative than unhappy employees
  • Happy employees have led to a 12% increase in a hotel’s profitability
  • Hotels with a positive engagement culture experience 24% less turnover

HR Services that Develop Happier Staff

Our team regularly work with businesses in the hospitality industry, so they have a good understanding of many of the challenges that you may face, and what it takes to create a positive working culture, with happy, productive staff.

Reduce Staff Turnover and Skill Shortages  

Guests are demanding, so it is natural to demand a lot from your staff. To make sure that everything is running smoothly at all times, you’ll have to find new ways to manage staff stress to prevent them from walking out, losing it or burning out. 

Minimise Staff Socialising Onsite 

While we all want our employees to enjoy coming to work, it is important to establish a firm line between workplace and social place. We can help you put in place policies which reinforce these boundaries, and establish disciplinary actions should these policies be breached. 

Manage Discounts for family/friends 

Stop losing revenue by establishing clear policies surrounding discounts for the family and friends of staff. This will prevent confusion, ensure fair treatment across all employees and keep profits up. 

Manage Shift Working 

Ensure that all employees undertaking shift work have appropriate breaks for their work time especially night workers completing sleeping shifts. 

Minimise Unauthorised Absence at Weekends/Busy Periods

Stop unauthorised absence from damaging both your reputation and your profits. We can help you handle difficult conversations with staff and put in place steps to help prevent unauthorised absences. 

Stop Money Going Missing 

Money going missing from tills is an unpleasant thought, but an issue which you may need support in handling. We can advise you. 

Handle Relationships at Work 

Relationships between employees is not an uncommon occurrence, but needs to be approached and handled in the right way in order to prevent difficulties which could damage your business or your reputation. 

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