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Outsourcing | Benefits of Outsourcing

There are many benefits to companies who choose to outsource their HR and Health and Safety. So why not get your HR Outsourced today?

In the current economic climate, one clear benefit to organisations is the significant reduction in costs and subsequent rise in profit margins. However, cost reduction is just one benefit that may arise as a result of outsourcing your HR and Health and Safety:

Reduced costs

The cost of an HR department and Health and Safety advisor and the subsequent administration function can be over £70,000 per year. By working with Park City, your costs will be less than half this amount when you get your HR outsourced.

Access to considerable amounts of expertise - Park City's team are highly qualified with significant expertise that can be called upon whenever required. Instead of having one HR Manager and one Health and Safety advisor internally, why not have access to many more experts, on a 24 hour basis, for a fraction of the cost?

Increased efficiency

Park City over 17 years of experience designing and writing company policies, letters and procedures. Use this external resource to draw up, amend and update your existing documents, rather than wasting your valuable internal resources. Not forgetting that our team will produce these materials in a fraction of the time.

Greater flexibility

If you have an employee issue, contact Park City who will support you to deal with the matter quickly and effectively, taking the burden off your shoulders. 

The significant regulatory compliance for Health and Safety will be dealt with, through our no nonsense and hassle free Health and Safety Service.

Reduce your risk

Outsourcing may be used as a way of reducing risks, legal and financial associated with HR and Health and Safety activities.

Fresh overview of the situation

Use your HR outsourced and Health and Safety provider to provide a strategic overview from outside of the business.

Engagement, performance management and talent development

By shifting some of your HR department's workload to an outsourced HR provider, you can free up time to focus on other important areas of the business.

Remove duplication

Some companies have designated their line managers as their ‘HR Managers' even if they are not fully trained in this area. This can lead to the company having conflicting stances on certain issues. Organisations can instead move to an outsourced solution with one point of contact, giving consistent and high quality advice.

Free-up internal resources to work on a strategic level

By outsourcing, your internal team no longer have to concentrate on administration or fire-fighting, they can focus on working at a more strategic level for the business.

Get in touch to find out about the Outsourced HR and Health and Safety Advisor Services that we can offer your business.

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