Independent Schools

Generating pupil engagement in the classroom can only be achieved by having staff who are engaged and invested in their work at all times during the school day. In theory this sounds simple, in reality, things may be more complex. That’s why strengthening your approach to HR and Health & Safety- Systems already in place, is essential: 

  • In 2019, nearly 700 English schools have been referred to the national health and safety body over concerns they are failing to safely manage asbestos in their buildings.
  • Employer contributions to the pension scheme are set to rise by more than 40 per cent this September. The government has committed to funding the increase for state schools, but not private schools.

With funding becoming more limited, it is important that you are able to find other ways to motivate your staff and stay on top of Health & Safety.

Services Which Develop Engaged Staff

The Park City Team regularly work with Independent Schools, to help them overcome their HR and Health & Safety challenges. We have a good understanding of these challenges, and what it may take to put processes in place to solve them. 

HR Services

Recruitment and Selection

As funding levels squeeze state schools, the number of applicants for school roles is increasing. With such a large talent pool, recruiting requires a carefully tailored and effective selection process to help you choose the right people. 

Performance Management

Getting the best results requires high performance from your staff. To achieve this, you and your staff need a focused induction process and  then ongoing performance management. Processes like effective training and regular appraisals help keep staff on track and ensure everyone is working towards the same goal. 

Staff Engagement

Better engagement equals better performance for both pupils and staff. Within the constraints of what a Governing Body may consider appropriate budgets, you need to engage and motivate your staff. Naturally, pay and benefits play a part, but appropriate focus on non-monetary perks,  such as training, career progression and flexible working can reap huge rewards. 

HR Systems

The school days pass by in a flash. Streamlining HR processes saves you time and helps support your in house HR department. 

Health & Safety Services

Fire Safety 

Risk of fire is everywhere in schools, running large air conditioning or heating services to using bunsen burners in science lessons. Managing large numbers of pupils and staff makes evacuation difficult. Knowing the guidelines and ensuring the necessary systems are in place ensures you are ready for action if disaster does strike. 

Management Of Water Systems

The primary method to control Legionella is through water temperature control. Managing your hot and cold water systems, to ensure water is at the correct temperature and that the systems are regularly cleaned and monitored helps reduce the risk of the bacteria growing. 

Management Of Asbestos

In older buildings that pre date the year 2000, there is a risk of asbestos. Knowing how to manage asbestos correctly, carry out risk assessments and deal with exposure prevents the health and wellbeing of pupils and staff from being at risk. 

Grounds Maintenance Activities

Having well maintained grounds can have a positive effect on staff, pupils and visitors. Equally, from a Health & Safety perspective, well maintained grounds creates a safe outdoor environment for everyone to regularly enjoy. 

Vehicles and Pedestrians

Schools are responsible for evaluating the movement of traffic and pedestrians in and around their school site. It is important to be able to evaluate the risks which come with having vehicles on site, as well as knowing your responsibilities- Removing pedestrians from danger areas, eliminating reversing and modifying the premises where possible. 

Use Of Minibuses For Schools​

Ensuring that your minibus and the volunteers who drive it are compliant with government guidelines is vital. Having a checklist available for inspection helps to manage risk and ensure users are safe. 

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