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Training | Managing Difficult People & Conflict

Managing Difficult People and Conflict

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Date: Tuesday 7th December 2021 and Tuesday 24th May 2022
Time: 09.30 – 12.30

£125+ VAT 

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Trainer: Penny Longford


This course will focus on conflict and difficult characters in the workplace and how to manage these situations. Conflict in the workplace can cause emotions to run high. This course will give you the tools techniques and confidence to understand conflict and manage it. 

Who Is This for

Managers / Directors

Why You Should Attend

Gain an understanding of how to work with different cultural styles, build consensus and maintain respect within diverse groups 
Learn to motivate and nurture others even when you disagree with them 
Learn to harvest diverse ideas and be more tolerant of difference 
Lead without dominating which will be invaluable in difficult times 
Learn how to ensure people are working together through difficult times and not against one another

Study Topics

Develop conflict resolution techniques that will help you achieve better outcomes to conflicts 
Resolve conflict early and fairly, get people working again and rebuild enduring trust between the parties 
Grow empathy and impartiality skills and understand where people are coming from, enhance ongoing relationships and enable you to tap into people's potential 
Dealing with difficult staff, the Bully in your team or the negative team member
Tips to help you practice less scary, less intimidating, more effective and successful conflict resolution, with an individual or a team

Why Pick Park City?

Park City Consulting has over 25 years of practical and relevant experience in Human Resources and Health & Safety. Our team of fully qualified and experienced professional instructors are not just trainers, they are working consultants and experts in their fields.

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