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HR | Motivation & Morale

  • Morale fuses employees’ attitudes and behaviours based on satisfaction with their job, their environment, those they are working with (particularly their management), and the company they are working for.
  • There are two types of morale: High and Low.
  • High morale refers to an employee’s deep satisfaction within their role and feels a sense of achievement, leading them to increase productivity, and have higher motivation.
  • Morale also affects a group of workers.
  • Low morale causes greater grievances and conflicts, a higher employee turnover and poor working conditions.
  • It is the employer’s duty to encourage and work on their staff’s attitudes and behaviours, therefore heightening motivation. This starts with the manager themselves.
  • Park City provides staff satisfaction surveys, which can be bespoke to your employees and analyse their responses.
  • We will then offer advice on how to improve the employee’s motivation and morale.
  • This can prevent the need for a disciplinary should the employee’s attitude becomes worse.
  • Park City also provides a training course called ‘Motivating without Money’, to allow employees to become engaged within their company, to perform better and therefore increase productivity.

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