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3 Reasons Why HR Outsourcing Will Help Your Company

It’s undeniable that Human Resources are absolutely crucial to the functioning of any modern business. The sheer range of tasks that are undertaken by HR professionals on a day to day basis is often staggering to those of us who are unfamiliar with the industry. From managing of employee relations, including disciplinary and grievance issues to recruitment processes, organising training sessions and analysing staff and client retention, a role within HR is very much all-encompassing; as a result, it is also extremely time-consuming.

Handling HR in-house has been the common practice for years, but that is beginning to change. Forbes, for example, estimate now that as much as 50 per cent of companies in the West now outsource their HR services – this is seen as a move towards developing solutions that fit each company specifically, rather than continuing with a practice that can often cause productivity to slow due to the workload that internal HR teams are put under.

But, more specifically, what are the reasons why HR outsourcing can help your company function at a higher level? Below, we go through a few of the most important benefits you can gain from doing so.

It is proven to save money

In reality, HR outsourcing could be proven to succeed in all the relevant aspects for a company, but if it costs considerably more it is unlikely that this will be the preferred route that they take. Fortunately, outsourcing HR is actually an extremely cost effective move for businesses of all sizes. Keeping this completely internal is expensive, and companies often find themselves haemorrhaging money just to keep on top of things; instead, the hiring of world class professionals such as our team here at Park City will allow you to access the services of a virtual workforce that will ensure your HR practices remain streamlined at all times.

It allows you to focus on your business’ core strengths


On the whole it is unlikely that the HR department of your company will be the core focus of your output. Human Resources is not a field that is renowned for producing a product or generating revenue within a company, in fact it is quite the opposite – many people view it as a necessary evil, taking up a large proportion of time and energy from an organisation.

In order for an HR department to consistently run at its optimum level, there needs to be a constant revisiting of processes to make room for new developments and innovations. This cannot be done continually without serious internal investment, something companies would prefer to spend on their core strengths and products, leaving outsourcing as the only feasible option for many.

Staff compliance becomes easier to manage

With the multitude of different rules and regulations within the workplace, it can often be difficult for an internal HR team to keep up with the ever changing demands put forward to them in regards to staff compliance. Without the correct action, companies could expose themselves to lengthy, costly court cases – issues such as harassment, wrongful dismissal and a neglect of health and safety procedure are all common within the working sector – and it can be draining for internal teams to deal with (especially if they have working relationships with the staff). Outsourcing this completely removes issues of non-compliance from your team and instead allows working HR professionals to review each case on a fact-by-fact basis, meaning the right procedures will always be followed in both the eyes of the law and for the good of the company.

If you feel that outsourcing your HR services is something that could seriously benefit your company, then don’t hesitate to contact one of our team today – after a consultation, we’ll be able to begin to assess your bespoke needs and work towards an HR solution that works perfectly for you and your staff.

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