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Christmas - A Health & Safety Checklist

Christmas is a time for celebration and enjoyment, and a time to spend with your family around you. It is not a time to be spent in hospital or sorting out the company premises with the fire brigade.

There are a few simple checks that your business can do to make sure that Christmas is a happy and joyous time for everyone.

Park City have put together this simple checklist for your company to make sure that some of the fundamental aspects of keeping safe are not forgotten at this time of year:

1) Christmas Decorations:

  • Christmas Lights
    • Are they permitted? If yes, are they electrically safe, CE marked, preferably low voltage?
    • Are they turned off at night?
  • Decorations
    • Are they fireproof – are they clear of heat sources including lights?
    • How are they going to be put up – stepladder – avoid standing on chairs/tables?
    • Are they a trip or snagging hazard?
  • Christmas Tree
    • Is it in a safe place – not a trip hazard – not blocking fire exits?
    • Not going to fall over?
    • Space for Secret Santa presents?

2) Fire Risks:

  • Candles and Tea Lights
    • Are they banned? Are they are an unacceptable fire risk?
  • Has the fire risk of lights, decorations, cards etc been fully considered?
  • Has the increase in waste, packaging Xmas wrap etc been considered? Will the outside bins be overflowing over the Christmas holidays, increasing the risk of arson?
  • Are emergency arrangements in place over the holiday to cover key holders?

3) Work Party:

  • Alcohol - Is it permitted? Is it free? Is it controlled?
  • Is there someone in authority that will remain sober and can keep control and take over in case of emergency or conflict?
  • Food - What are the arrangements – food hygiene – spillages – clearing up – disposable plates/cups/glasses?
  • Smoking ban is not relaxed for parties.
  • Control of any harassment between staff.
  • Travel arrangements and safety of staff when leaving.
  • Noise levels of music etc – DJ arrangements – effect on neighbours.

4) Lead up to Christmas:

  • Lunch time ad-hoc drinks/eats & visits to pubs – is this acceptable? Alcohol lowers employees’ awareness.
  • Be aware of the extra risks of dark mornings and evenings.
  • Security - Is your workplace going to be secure over the shut down period?

5) After Christmas:

  • Lone working – Think of those who may be working alone in the days between Christmas and New Year.
  • Return after New Year – stay safe as you clear up and remove decorations.

6) Winter Driving:

  • Make sure that your employees who drive are prepared for snow/ice.
  • Make sure that your car park/pavements are prepared for snow/ice.
  • Make employees aware that there is an increased likelihood of encountering drunk drivers.

7) Have a Happy Christmas!

  • Enjoy spending time with your family and friends.
  • Don’t forget to leave some food out for Santa.
  • Have a Merry Christmas from all the Park City Team.

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