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COVID related risks to business currently fall into three areas

COVID related risks to business

There are three COVID related risks to business at the moment that we all need to prepare for. As Government focus turns to local restrictions to manage the R number, Travel corridors to mitigate the risk of cross border Covid-19 transfer and a return to School for England, there has been a marked reduction in the general and sector-specific guidance for Safe working and a reduction in the amendments issued relating to the Job Retention scheme.

Whilst this is good news in terms of reducing the time we all need to invest to keep up to date, it is no less important to maintain your awareness of these less business-specific updates, as they all impact and influence our business decisions at this particular time.

The main COVID related risks to business currently fall into three areas. This ignores the background tough economic conditions we are all operating and working through.

Risk 1: The potential loss of staff due to Track & Trace

The potential loss of staff due to track and trace, resulting in some cases, in mass self-isolation of staff and significant business interruption, so considering how to split your staff into smaller fixed groups, working at differing times with no overlap needs to be part of your planning and review of safe working.

Risk 2: Travel Corridors and Self-Isolation

In addition of travel corridors which are changing by the hour could also significantly impact your staff resources should returning staff need to self-isolate, creating an open dialogue with staff about their intended holiday destination and agreeing how you will manage any potential self-isolation requirement, in advance of the holiday, would be an investment in time well made to avoid any unplanned absence.

Risk 3: Return to School

Lastly, Schools returning and the continued uncertainty on just how Schools or IF Schools will manage the return will create significant anxiety for staff members with children of school ages, should they be remote working from home or have returned to the work environment, managers would be well advised to open discussions now and agree how the business will react to the potential disruption should children not be able to return or in some cases where the school only part opens.

Remember that Park City and our team of highly experienced professionals for HR and H&S are here and available to help and assist you, please call if you are in any doubt about how to interpret and implement Government advice in the context of your unique business requirements.

Here are the most recent relevant Government updates:

Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer travel guidance for passengers

Walking, cycling, and travelling in vehicles or on public transport during the coronavirus outbreak.

Change made
Added information on areas with local restrictions.

Time updated
6:39pm, 21 August 2020

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COVID-19: personal protective equipment use for aerosol generating procedures

Guidance on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for aerosol generating procedures (AGPs).

Change made
Updated headings on instruction sheets, in line with the written guidance, to include airborne precautions.

Time updated
6:35pm, 21 August 2020

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Face coverings: when to wear one and how to make your own

This page explains when to wear a face covering and how to make one.

Change made
Added that face coverings are required in sports stadiums. Updated exemptions to show when face coverings are not required.

Time updated
2:07pm, 21 August 2020

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Please call our office for further information about how we can support your business, our existing clients, call your lead consultant or helpline should you need immediate assistance.

Every business needs someone to support their specific needs, Park City remains the best value choice for personal, tailored support and solutions whilst saving you valuable time.

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