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Enablers to Growth - The A120

The Next instalment of Tim's speech...

“What are the enablers to growth in Essex, Infrastructure, IT and Communications, Skills and Training provision get my support, in addition to County and Local government partnerships being created or re-focused, to jointly decide where and when public funds and or Private /  Public funded projects should be targeted…

From a Colchester perspective I think one of the most important growth enabler is infrastructure projects, improving transport and footfall in and out of the town Centre, the  movement of traffic across the A120, Government, including local Government, has a responsibility to create certainty, particularly with respect to major infrastructure and investment projects, we must avoid delays and procrastination, Politicians, Councilors and Portfolio holders need to take and make the decisions however unpopular.

 No Direction and No decision stalls our business planning process, So from taking these decisions confidence will grow, and businesses will invest and spend, on jobs, on machines, on buildings and on skills, on growth.

Take Mark Carnie’s lead, look what has been achieved in one simple statement about interest rates!

Create some level of certainty to help business grow.  Harwich to Braintree, with the emphasis on the whole of the A120 are worthy of our attention. Interestingly in the LEP’s transport report, the A120 was identified as a nationally important road project but when ranked with others in the LEP area for Growth return, the Economic benefit, IT WAS RANKED LAST, bottom of a list of 8. Our voice needs to be louder”.

Keep reading tomorrow for more snippets...

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