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Guaranteeing HR Best Practice in After-School & Holiday Sports Clubs

Park City helps you deliver safe, high quality sports-focussed clubs that inspire parents and children whilst re-enforcing the reputations of independent schools across South East England.

There is no doubting the benefits that pupils derive from sport. As well as developing sporting ability alongside that all-important competitive edge, sport can teach children about the importance of team work, and even how to take victory magnanimously – and defeat gallantly.

But the demands of day-to-day academic learning sometimes mean that parents and schools cannot provide children with as much access to quality sports education as they would wish.

Sports Clubs that Benefit Schools, Parents and Pupils

Additional or extra-curricular sports clubs and holiday sports clubs can be an excellent way to address this need. They are an increasingly popular and effective way of meeting the requirements and ambitions of schools, parents and most importantly, pupils.

Schools benefit by being able to offer even more quality sports education to their pupils, whilst making a substantial additional income.

Parents want their children to be enriched by sport – with all the passion, confidence and tenacity it can instil. Crucially, it also means the school day can be extended so parents can meet work commitments more easily.

But setting up after-school sports clubs and holiday clubs might seem too time-consuming and complex for some school heads and teaching staff.

Park City HR Consultants – Ensuring Human Resources Best Practice

That's where Park City comes in. We can ensure that schools have the right Child Protection and Safer Recruitment policies in place, together with the right HR policies to manage club staff on an ongoing basis.

We provide human resources management expertise in every aspect of employment, so you know your school is operating within the confines of all applicable regulations and laws. This thorough approach to HR results in sports clubs run by trusted, professional staff who feel appreciated – and children who really value their after-school or holiday sports club experiences.

Employment legislation compliance and Human Resources best practice cannot be left to chance. Park City can assist in drawing up suitable employment contracts, and ensure working time directive breaks and holiday entitlements are managed correctly.

HR Support for the Entire School

Park City’s expert HR support is not only available for after-school and holiday sports clubs – we can deliver our human resources expertise right across your school.

We’ve helped many independent schools in the South East of England achieve full regulatory compliance so that they are well prepared for school inspections – an important consideration for co-curricular clubs as well as for core school operations. We can also assist with health and safety compliance and school environment risk assessments, as well as provide advice on if and when a peripatetic staff member should be regarded as full time.

Park City: Experienced, Professional HR Consultants for Your Sports Club

Park City's expert HR Consultants can handle these complex issues for your school efficiently and cost-effectively. We can support your institution in delivering safe, professional, high quality after-school and holiday sports clubs that will re-enforce your reputation and boost revenues.

And importantly, operating such well-run co-curricular clubs will help inspire current and potential pupils, and help persuade parents that your school offers real value to their children’s education and future.

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