How CMI Training Leads To Improved Culture & Employee Engagement

As a business investing in it’s people, whether you’re beginning, partway through or completing your CMI journey, the benefits of this advanced management course are obvious and instant. CMI gives managers the tools to manage and lead their employees more effectively and efficiently. 
Developing stronger top-level management skills generates a positive effect throughout the business, leading to a greater level of employee engagement, and helping you improve your company culture unconsciously. This can help reduce staff absenteeism, increase business productivity, improve customer scores and increase job satisfaction amongst employees. 
We’ve outlined the ways that investing in CMI training can help you and your business improve company culture and employee engagement. 

More Effective Managers

By investing in CMI training for your managers in order to help them fulfill their potential, be more effective in satisfying the expectations of their employer and their team.  After managers completed both the level 3 or level 5 CMI training with Park City, all colleagues who were asked noticed an improvement in their management techniques. 

As a result, of completing CMI training, managers are more likely to become more engaged with the company and its culture. By conveying that your business cares about its employees and making their roles more fulfilling to their teams, they’ll embody the company culture you would like to promote in their behaviour and shape their team accordingly. This can help steer your culture change and embed a positive culture within your business more effectively and efficiently throughout all levels of employment.  

Equally, CMI training helps your managers become more confident and more effective in their roles, shaping the way they steer projects and manage their teams, leading and promoting positive company culture through their own behaviour.

Increased Confidence

One of the objectives of CMI training is to increase and improve managers confidence in their roles. Training can also help them define their authentic leadership style and prevent a case of imposter syndrome. After completing Park City’s 2017 CMI level 3 and level 5 training, all delegates felt more confident in their role as a manager, with 50% of the level 5 trainees stating that they now felt ‘very confident’ in their role.

Building management confidence gives management the ability to feedback to their teams and encourage their development. Confident managers also reflect well on your business culture; by being able to work through challenges or setbacks promotes this attitude to their team and encourages them to embody this way of thinking.

Improved Communications

Through CMI training, managers will acquire the knowledge and skills to manage and communicate information required by their teams more effectively. When reviewing the CMI level 3 and level 5 training hosted by Park City in 2017, all attendees noted a recognisable change in their communication style upon the completion of training.

Communicating with your employees regularly helps ensure everyone understands the business objectives and goals, as well as their place in achieving it. Understanding how they fit into the long term success of the company can improve staff engagement, encouraging their loyalty and to think more creatively.

Reduce management stress

CMI training provides an overview of management responsibilities and increases the skills required to be a successful manager, while also helping delegates learn how to reduce stresses which managers sometimes encounter. 

Managing your time and the time of your workforce effectively can help managers stay on top of tasks, and ahead of their deadlines. This can reduce their stress and help generate a more positive working culture throughout your working environment. 

Changing or encouraging a positive company culture or employee engagement can be generated by having a manager who is confident, capable and possesses strong management and communication skills. The behaviour of their manager shapes employee engagement and influences company culture, making investing in developing managers skills invaluable. 

Learn more about the CMI journey, and how your managers can benefit by talking to Park City. If you’re focussed on improving employee engagement or would like to improve your company culture, we can help. 

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