HR New Year Resolutions

The New Year is here and people everywhere are making (and breaking) their well meaning New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s eating more healthily, cutting back on the booze, going to the gym or spending more time on important things and less time fretting about the trivial, the underlying theme is usually geared towards bettering ourselves. So how about looking at some HR New Year’s resolutions that can help better your business this year.


Number 1       Review handbooks and contracts

  • Now is as good a time as any to make sure that all your employee handbooks and contracts are up to date. Have you included a policy to reflect the growing use of e-cigarettes? Have you issued a new contract to an employee who has changed their working pattern? We can review and amend your policies and contracts to keep you up to date with the latest regulations and stop you falling foul of employment legislation.

Number 2       Set training goals for staff

  • Have you considered how you might achieve better performance from your employees? Perhaps your line managers need training on how to deal with employee relations or your client facing staff need to improve their customer service skills. We can help you identify which areas of training are most relevant to your employees and help you set training goals and schedules to help develop your business. We can run the training at your place of work or ours,  making it run seamlessly alongside your day to day operations.

Number 3       Focus more on the health & well being of employees

  • Are your employees under strain and stress in the workplace? How can you think more creatively about what you can offer your staff to promote their health and well being? Park City can work with you to identify areas of stress in the workforce and put a strategy together to protect your employees’ health and well being, creating a long term platform for better productivity.

Number 4       Undertake a staff survey to gauge the level of employee satisfaction

  • The buzzwords of the last decade in HR world have certainly been Employee Engagement. Household name, multinational corporations undertake regular staff surveys to understand the attitudes of their workforce. But small organisations should also adopt this approach. Find out what your staff do like about working for you and try and put right some of those things that aren’t working so well. By working with us, a third party, your staff will feel more comfortable about being honest. We can put together and analyse a survey, helping you to have a greater sense of the level of Employee Engagement in your business.

Number 5       Recognise that a skills gap is rapidly heading our way

  • The global economic slowdown at the end of the last decade just temporarily masked what in reality is a significant skills gap in this country. In specific industries there is a real demand for top performers and this only continues to grow as the economy strengthens. We will help you establish a long term strategy to enable you to plan your staffing needs well in advance and the best way to attract and retain the top talent in your industry.

Number 6       Review your recruitment strategy

  • Have you ever hired someone only to find out they aren’t quite what you’d hoped them to be? Are all your new recruits suitably qualified for the position? It pays to refresh your recruitment strategy from time to time to make it as effective as possible. Perhaps you need to coach your hiring managers on how to conduct successful, probing interviews, or maybe you’d be better off using a behavioural interview technique that focuses on the technicalities of the job. Why not make things simple for yourself and let us handle all your recruitment needs for you?

We all know that, however well intended, New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to stick to, so perhaps don’t set your sights too high. Focus on a couple of key areas that you think your organisation could really benefit from – you can always set yourself some new resolutions next year. Park City can identify those areas of your business that need attention, help you set realistic goals and work with you to help you achieve your 2016 New Year’s resolutions. Contact us today to find out more.

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