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Park City in Practice - HR Case Study September 2015

An existing Park City client recently asked us for specific help in dealing with a delicate HR matter that had come to light over the last few months.


The client had a loyal and long standing employee who worked as part of the company’s delivery team. Having been with the business for many years and considered by his employees to be almost “part of the family”, it was unfortunate to see that his pace of work was beginning to show signs of slowing down. His employees did not feel comfortable talking to him about the situation, worried partly about falling foul of age or disability legislation.


The client decided to approach their Park City consultant to see what the best course of action would be. We at first discussed with them the possible risks in relation to the Equality Act and any relevant case law. We advised them to seek a medical view so they could see what the principle issue was that they were facing. By getting Park City involved to manage some of the meetings and discussions with the employee, the company felt that they could distance themselves from some of the impact of their decision, without letting personal relationships interfere with the process.


Having assessed the medical issues and the extent of the employee’s reduced ability to drive for long periods at a time, the Park City consultant opened up communication between the employer and employee to see what other options may be available. Reduced daily-hours were unlikely to work as the delivery driver role required driving long distances. With our guidance they were able to come to a mutually agreeable solution whereby the employee remained with the company, but took up an office based role that enabled him to work reduced hours and negated the need for him to drive for long periods of time. Not only a great outcome for the client and their employee, but by involving Park City, we were able to ensure they avoided any potential legal pitfalls and help recognise the loyalty of a long standing employee without hurting any feelings.


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