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Successful First Time Managers

When you promote someone to their first management position, it’s likely that you’re doing it because they’ve proved themselves as a valuable employee and it’s time to reward them with a step up the career ladder. But very few employees are actually properly prepared to take on a leadership role – after all, just because someone has done a job well, it doesn't mean they’ll be good at managing other people to do that job.

Park City’s First Time Manager Training Course is a half day course which looks at what it actually means to be a manager and identifies some of the key issues that new managers might face on a daily basis.

Transitioning to Management

When an employee moves into their fist management position, they need to quickly adopt a new mindset about what their job function is. Their first management task is to delegate their old job – find the right people to take it over and demonstrate leadership skills by stepping away from the comfort and familiarity of the task.

Management Skills

Many a tome has been written and many a global symposium has been held about what management skills the best leaders have or should have. But on a more practical, SME scale, your managers need to get to grips with a few key skills that will allow them to deliver. Some of these include:

  • ​What makes an effective/ineffective manager?
  • Look at the difference between management and leadership.
  • Communication & Influencing Skills.
  • Managing conflict views
  • Managing Conduct and Performance: rewarding good and tackling the bad.
  • Managing and protecting your time.
  • Recruitment and how to get it right.
  • Appraisals.
  • Absence management.

Management Training

The most successful managers will have ongoing training to help with their professional development. This doesn’t have to be a yearly refresher course on what it means to “be a manager”, but it’s an opportunity to pick up new skills and develop new areas of competence to help further career progression.

As well as our First Time Manager course, we run a whole range of other professional courses for managers such as:

We are also an accredited Chartered Management Institute (CMI) centre and run a number of CMI courses for those wishing to pursue a more structured and in depth management path.

Contact us if you would like further details of any of our available Management Training courses.

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