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The Importance of Health & Safety for Winning Business

Despite its importance, health & safety may not be one of your favourite subjects, but when you’re competing for business, you need to demonstrate your commitment to the issue.

When big projects in our region come up for tender and you’re looking to be a main player, it’s likely you’ll come across some very detailed tender documents. It may seem a small part of your overall sales pitch, but the big companies that are looking to invest in our area are no novices when it comes to the finer detail.

Health & safety welfare is not necessarily confined to the construction process itself, buyers are looking to see that your overall H&S policy is robust and safe: that it protects workers, visitors and the public. You should demonstrate a high level of commitment to health & safety through unambiguous policies and management actions. You should also be able to demonstrate the competency of your resources, commitment to reducing accidents, ongoing health & safety improvement and your willingness to invest in training and development.

In practical terms this means you need to show relevant certifications, provide confirmation of up to date risk and hazard assessments, offer accounts of any accidents you have dealt with and detail what steps were taken to minimise future risk and present evidence to support commitment to health & safety at every level of your business.

So whether you’re looking at pitching for business with wind farms, nuclear power plants, retail developments or commercial building, and whether your focus is construction, project management, recruitment or sales, you need to ensure your health & safety is fully up to scratch.

Contact Park City today to find how we can run a full assessment of your health & safety management and help you make it a failsafe part of your tender applications.



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