Nursing / Care

Most of the time, the effort you put in, you’ll get back. If you support your staff in the right way, residents under their care will flourish, and so will your business. Success breeds success, so setting your employees up for success with the right training and processes helps them focus their efforts on achieving positive outcomes.

HR Services that Develop Your Support Networks

Our team regularly work with businesses in the care industry. We’ve seen first hand the different challenges you may face, and can help you solve them effectively. 

Having the right processes and procedures in place

Many businesses have an insurance policy in place which they think will protect them. Sadly, many think this is enough and fail to delve deeper into staffing issues. We can help you manage your HR issues such as disciplinaries, and ensure you’re compliant with Employment law. 


Ensuring all staff are trained to follow the correct procedures can help you avoid serious safeguarding issues such as incorrectly administered medication. Focusing on what training your staff need to be able to work effectively is also vital. Newly promoted managers may need help managing staff, while others may need guidance on how to efficiently manage their time. Ensuing all your staff are confident in their role creates a happier and more productive environment.

Manage Shift Working 

Ensure that all employees undertaking shift work have appropriate breaks for their work time especially night workers completing sleeping shifts. 

Managing Absence

Stop long or short term staffing absence from damaging your reputation. We can help you handle difficult conversations with staff and put in place steps to help prevent unauthorised absences.

Health & Safety Services

Fire and Electrical Safety

Knowing guidelines and correct procedures can help you ensure that your staff and you are prepared for potential dangers. 

Hazardous Substances

Exposure to substances like cleaning fluids or medication should be minimised. Ensure staff are trained to handle any dangerous substances on the premises and know how to handle spillages safely and effectively. 

Handling Patients

Residents abilities can alter drastically throughout the day, so person centre assessments are important. Likewise staff should be familiar with individuals needs. 

Infection Control

Elderly residents may be more vulnerable to infections, so staff will require training to prevent these. 

Management Of Water Systems 

The primary method to control Legionella is through water temperature control. Managing your hot and cold water systems, to ensure water is at the correct temperature and that the systems are regularly cleaned and monitored helps reduce the risk of the bacteria growing. 

Lifting Equipment

Operators of special equipment such as hoists need to be specially trained in how to operate them safely. We can help you carry out risk assessments for new equipment, and set up training for staff on how to use it. 

Slips and Trips

While there is nothing you can do to eliminate the risks of slips and trips, there are certain processes which can help reduce the risk. Having signs to indicate when surfaces might become slippery, ensuring handrails are secure and that stairwells are well light can help minimise dangers. 

Violence and Aggression

Due to the nature of the work carried out in care homes, violence and aggression is often a concern but should in no way become the norm. All incidents should be reported and risks should be monitored, managed and reduced. 

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