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UK Votes to Leave EU | Comments from our Heath & Safety Team

Here are the initial thoughts regarding the exit of the UK from the EH from of our expert Health & Safety team based on our inputs from HSE, IOSH, BSC, Unions and professional contacts within the sector.

There is a general consensus that very little is likely to change as the principles of H&S are effective, and are generally based on EU directives over the last 20 years. It is also a fact that the UK had a major influence on the content of the directives and therefore they contain the principles that we subscribe to, and why we are the best in Europe. Recent reviews into H&S over the last 6 years repeatedly shows that there is little to change other than making it easier to understand, hence the revision of ACOPS and guidance. Our team will always update you in terms of these revisions if they are applicable to you.

Some Unions have suggested that there might be changes in the duty to provide eyesight tests and spectacles under DSE, this minor issue reflects the consensus view above that there is little change to be anticipated.

Other items:

  • CE Marking. Unlikely to change as we will want to trade with the EU and buy and sell machinery from and to European Union members.
  • H&S Signage is to an international standard as are many things such as maritime operations and the control of transportation of goods, so no change anticipated
  • Working time regulations are likely to be reviewed, as this was the main area of concern mentioned by Leave supporters and Businesses.
  • Agricultural and horticultural including the restrictions on some pesticides and herbicides might be more relaxed, but the environmental lobby would fight any changes.

Of course, we will be able to provide more detailed information as time progresses and our H&S consultants will be in touch to help navigate through this challenging time. Look out for more updates on our website over the coming months.

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