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Privacy Policy

Park City Consulting Ltd Privacy Policy

Updated 5th April 2018

This privacy policy explains how we handle personal data. We have tried to be as simple as possible explaining our policy. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at [email protected]

This privacy policy applies to all services offered by Park City Consulting Ltd. By using our website or services, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy.

We can update our privacy policy at any time and these will be published on this page.

Collection of Personal Data

We collect personal data from a variety of sources:

Website forms:

When you fill in a form to subscribe to our newsletters, enquire about our services, or sign up for a service, we will collect your name, company, email address and telephone number. We will also collect details of the forms you filled in so we know best how to help you.

Billing information:

When you use our services, we will require your name, company, company address, email address and telephone number so we can invoice you.

Event bookings:

When you book on our training courses via Eventbrite, we use their platform to capture your information. This is subject to the Eventbrite Privacy Policy.


We may ask you for feedback on how you found working with us. We will do this via our email marketing system Pardot, or in paper form.


Occasionally we may ask that you take part in surveys so we can improve our services.

These are done through Survey Monkey and sent via Pardot. View the Survey Monkey Privacy Policy.

Other data:

Whilst communicating with Park City Consulting Ltd, you may share additional data with us. This will be stored in Salesforce. You can view the Salesforce Privacy Policy here.

Usage data:

We collect usage data when you visit our website. This includes which web pages you visit, what links you click on, how long you view a page for and if you have had more than one visit.

Location data:

We collect data from the device and application you use to access our website, such as your IP address and browser type. We record your geographic location too.

Use of Personal Data

Park City Consulting Ltd uses your personal data based on having your permission or a legitimate interest in delivering services that meet your needs.

We use your personal data to send relevant communication via email, phone or post.


Should you sign up to an Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) course, we will send your name, email address and job title to register. See IOSH Privacy Policy.

Should you sign up to a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) course, we will send your Name, title, gender, date of birth, telephone number, home or work address, email address, company name, job title, ethnic origin, special needs and language spoken to register. See CMI Privacy Policy. We store this data on paper in a file and not online.

You can opt out of our communications at any time, which you can request here. All marketing material will provide you with the options to opt out, or update your email preferences.

We will never sell your data.

Keeping your data secure

All information both personal data and communications with you are stored securely on Salesforce. You can request this information to be deleted and forgotten.

Cookie Policy

Park City Consulting Ltd use cookies on the website. The cookies collect information that offer us a way of providing improved services by recognising returning visitors and their preferences.

To see what cookies we collect, please read our Cookie Policy.

Social Media

Park City Consulting Ltd uses the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. Each platform have their own privacy policy.

Any interactions on each platform may be seen by other users.

The Park City Consulting Ltd website uses a Twitter widget to show a Twitter feed on the homepage. The widget uses third party cookies to log with Twitter that you have visited our website. Please view the Twitter Privacy Policy to find out more.


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