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Training & Development | Bespoke Courses

We offer bespoke training courses, designed to maximise your performance in a time frame to suit you and your business. Our courses are developed by Park City's own expert Learning and Development Consultants.

Outplacement Counselling Course

In this current economic climate, many organisations have found themselves in the regrettable situation where they have to 'let employees go'. This is never an easy decision to make.

Our expert Human Resources Consultants are able to provide tailored outplacement counselling for your employees exiting the business. This is usually undertaken on a one to one basis but programmes can be tailored for small groups on request. Subjects covered range from providing interview training and job searching advice to CV writing and career planning.

There is also another good reason to go through this support process; it reduces the likelihood of any potential claim a disgruntled employee may try to take to tribunal.

Effective Performance Appraisals Course

Effective performance appraisal is a key tool in improving the productivity of individuals within your firm, the performance of specific teams and the organisation as a whole.

Too often the whole process is seen as a chore by all concerned, with the result that an opportunity to improve, not only the performance of your organisation but also the motivation and job satisfaction of the individual, is wasted. This course aims to ensure all involved get the maximum benefit from the process.

This course will cover; the purpose and process of appraisals, the key advantages of appraisals and why many firms fail to take advantage of the opportunities that exist when undertaking appraisals.

Induction Procedure Training Course

When an employee joins your organisation, the first few days of induction are critical. Get it right and you will have a highly committed motivated individual, who will soon be contributing to the success of the organisation. Get it wrong and your company will, at best, have a confused, demotivated employee who will somehow muddle through, at worst, your new recruit could leave your organisation, and you are left to cover the cost and hassle of recruitment all over again.

This course is designed to ensure that your company's induction process is managed in the most effective way, ensuring that all your new recruits have the same experience across the business and become as effective and efficient in their job role as quickly as possible.

Absence Management Training Course

The effective monitoring and management of absence is an area often neglected or undervalued in many organisations. Where it is done effectively and organisations invest the time they can reap the benefits from greater staff motivation and a reduced absence rate.

This course will review the methods of monitoring and managing absenteeism in your organisation, in order to find effective ways to minimise loss through absence.

This training course would typically include the following modules (amongst others); Understanding the root causes of staff absence, planning objectives, strategies and tactics for dealing with absence and a review of your recording and monitoring processes.

Disciplinaries, Grievance & Capability Coaching

The consequences of mismanagement of poor performance, grievance and disciplinary issues can be both time consuming and expensive for your business. Most findings of unfair dismissal can be traced to a failure in the procedure that the employer has followed.

This practical course covers both the legal aspects and practicalities of following disciplinary & grievance procedures, and the benefits of taking early action in capability situations.

Managing Stress Course

Stress is a word that we hear a lot in the press, and we all have days when we feel stressed. The problems arise when stress starts to affect your firm's efficiency and productivity. What's more, impending legislation will force your company to actively measure, monitor and manage the levels of stress in your workplace.

This course will show your company how to identify the causes of stress in the workplace and how to deal with them effectively. This course will increase morale within your firm, boost staff motivation.

You will be safe in the knowledge that you are fully compliant with current legislation and best practise.

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