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Staff Surveys - Winning at Home

Working from Home and Winning

Monitor and measure the wellbeing of your workers using two new surveys.  It’s important to continue to assess how your team is doing, whether they are working from home or on Furlough. By monitoring their wellbeing, you are better able to implement corrective actions to connect your teams and provide the support they need to feel safe, confident and productive. 

Working with our partner, Engagement Multiplier, the creators of employee culture and engagement software tools,  we’ve created two new surveys for you to use, free of charge.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Click on the 'Get Started' buttons below to set up your Engagement Multiplier account. Then login to preview and update the surveys. The Working From Home and Winning survey is ready to go as-is, however, you can also tailor the questions to better suit your specific business.

Next, upload your employee details and you can launch a survey when you feel the time is right.


Working from Home and Winning

Use the Working From Home and Wining survey to check in on your home workers. You'll gain insights to help you navigate this period of rapid change, enabling you to be in a better position to proactively support your employees, wellbeing and as a result, keep them more focused and performing. The survey contains 14 questions designed to help inform your actions, covering  these areas:

  • Gauge their understanding of what is happening
  • Gain insight into how they are feeling
  • Discover what they are worried about
  • Uncover brilliant ideas they have to help the business

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Winning on Furlough 

Use the Winning on Furlough survey to keep in touch and monitor how Furloughed team members are doing.  Insight gathered will inform the actions you need to take to maintain an engaged positive team, emotionally ready to return to work when required.   The survey contains 14 questions designed to help you take positive actions to support Furloughed staff, including these areas:

  • Connection: your Furloughed teams Connection with you, the business and each other.
  • Productivity: How best to use their time for personal benefit, being personally productive. 
  • Performance: Understand how individuals can emerge stronger, better prepared and with a positive attitude. 

To use this survey, click on the Get Started button to create your Engagement Multiplier account. Once you have completed the registration,  you will receive access to the Engagement Multiplier dashboard.  Park City will then be requested by Engagement Multiplier to upload the Furloughed Staff Survey into the on-demand area of the dashboard.

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Take Action on the Results 

We’ll be here to help you interpret the survey findings and to create action plans to help strengthen your team and the long-term health of your business. 

Over the coming weeks, our partner Engagement Multiplier will also send you free guidance, resources and support — and when some normality returns, a free Benchmark Assessment — all designed to help your business emerge stronger than ever.

Our HR team are here to help you every step of the way: 

Step 1. Create your Engagement Multiplier Account.

Step 2. Review the survey and use as is, or edit to suit your business.

Step 3. Upload employee data.

Step 4. Issue the survey.

Step 5. Send a follow up email to employees.  

Step 6. Interpret the results. 

Step 7. Create an action plan for maximum value for your employees and the business. 

Get Started 

Working From Home and Winning Survey 

Winning on Furlough Survey

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