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Training | Steps and Ladders


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Course Dates: 29th September 2020
Course Duration: Half Day 09:30 - 12:30
Location: Park City Consulting, Ardleigh
Category: Health & Safety



Modules: 8
Trainers: Roly Buss
Suggested Study Time: 3 Hours in total


  • If your work involves frequent use of steps and ladders, particularly when lifting or carrying.
  • Make sure you take a look at our Steps and Ladders Course, taught at our state-of-the-art training facilities in Colchester
  • Our Steps and Ladders Course Colchester covers everything you need to know to work safely in this area, whether you work in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, retail or anywhere else
  • Incorrect use of steps and ladders in the workplace results in many accidents and injuries every year, with as many as 20 per cent of accidents being fatal
  • This can be easily avoided and by taking part in our Steps and Ladders Training your staff will be equipped with the knowledge they need to work safely and efficiently
  • Our Steps and Ladders training starts off by looking at what height is suitable to work at
  • We then cover detailed training of how to plan properly, be appropriately supervised and know what weather conditions could jeopardise safety in the workplace
  • If an employee was to fall from a height and injure themselves your business could be liable



  • Choice of position
  • Ladder stability
  • Erecting a ladder
  • Securing a ladder
  • Climbing a ladder
  • Working from a ladder
  • Ladder inspection


  • A stepladder may appear to be safer than a leaning ladder, but every year many workers are seriously injured or even killed when they fall from a stepladder
  • Work at height should be:
  • Properly planned
  • Appropriately supervised
  • Not carried out if weather conditions jeopardise health and safety
  • Those working at height and planning the work, should be competent, or if being trained supervised by a competent person


  • Covers all industries e.g. construction, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, maintenance, warehouse etc


  • Reduce the amount of accidents had on steps and ladders
  • You could save lives with the correct knowledge and skills

TRAINERS - Roly Buss

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Roly Buss
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