Vaccines White Paper

Download the White Paper SARS-Cov-2 (COVID) Vaccinations and Employees

The UK Government road map out of restrictions and back to our new normal relies heavily on the Vaccination programme. We all have to accept for now, that there is no Post Covid world, as it’s here to stay now just as the flu. Your response to these issues will be another differentiator in the race to position your business to take full advantage of the economic recovery.

The reliance on a vaccination programme creates some issues for Employers to wrestle within the coming months and years. In this “White Paper” we discuss the known issues that we all face as business leaders as a result of the need to maximise the number of people vaccinated.

The solutions to these issues are not clear or easy, as can be demonstrated by the Governments inability to compel all its citizens to take the vaccine, however, we believe that as leaders we need to engage in these conversations now with our employees, management teams and even customers, in order to position ourselves to benefit as much as possible from the vaccination programme, both in terms of protecting staff in the short term and ensuring the long term stability of our employee resource. The need for the development of a Vaccination policy for your business may be advisable, even if this only serves to communicate your needs as the employer.

In this “white paper” we discuss the following areas with respect to Vaccinations in the UK

  • History of compulsory vaccinations
  • The law
  • Can businesses force employees to vaccinate?
  • Can employers indirectly compel employees to vaccinate?
  • What if you work with vulnerable persons?
  • Are there any other less-invasive steps that could be taken to reduce risk?

Download the White Paper SARS-Cov-2 (COVID) Vaccinations and Employees to help you prepare your response to the challenges that vaccinations will bring to your business.

Prepare for the challenges that vaccinations will bring to your business

Download the White Paper SARS-Cov-2 (COVID) Vaccinations and Employees.

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