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Having proper health and safety systems in place within your warehouse can stop your staff becoming a part of this statistic. By prioritising your health and safety, not only are you reducing the risk to your staff, but you’re also protecting your business’ reputation and your conscience. 

Failure to pass a random HSE check could be costly. Fines are now being based on what could have happened, rather than what did happen. Don’t wait to find out the worst-case scenario. We can help you put in place the measures which protect your employees, create a culture of safety and allow your business to thrive.

Identifying Actions you need to take to prevent accidents in your warehouse

We can help to identify the challenges you may be facing in your warehouse, enabling you to take corrective action.


Help prevent accidents from occurring by providing training which educates your employees and helps them become more aware of the hazards in their environment. In 2017/18 30.7 million working days were estimated to be lost due to non-fatal workplace injuries. Investing in certain types of training, like manual handling, can help avoid this, by illustrating the importance of breaking up loads and reducing carrying distances.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are an essential tool that enables safe systems of work, SSOW, to be drafted and issued to staff. They should cover staff, visitors and contractors and should be reviewed regularly to ensure that they’re suitable for the business. By understanding where potential hazards and incidents may occur you can weigh up whether you have done enough to protect people or identify areas where you are lacking.


Reviewing your premises and the measures you have in place for health and safety regularly and with a fresh set of eyes can help you gain confidence in your approach to health and safety. Audits highlight the possible risks in your environment, and your auditor can produce a report with suggestions on how to improve them.

Health & Safety Services 

We can provide a number of other health and safety services which specifically tackle the challenges you may be facing in your warehouse, helping you create an environment which prevents accidents from occurring.

Accident Reporting

We can help set up a clear accident reporting process. All accidents which take place should be reported and risks should be monitored, managed and reduced. In order to pass your next HSE check, you need to have a system in place which records them.

Workplace Transport

We can help you monitor your workplace transport and driver training in order to prevent injury. All vehicles should be well maintained and not loaded beyond capacity. Drivers should receive appropriate training and where reversing is involved, additional staff should be trained. 


All equipment including; forklift trucks, conveyor belts, stretch wrap machines, ladders and racking should be suitable for intended use. We can help you ensure equipment is maintained in a safe condition and inspected regularly in order to prevent incidents from occurring.  


Storage areas should be specifically designated and clearly marked for use. We can help you ensure that the layout of storage areas is suitable, avoiding tight corners, pillars, changes of gradient and uneven surfaces in order to protect your employees. 

Manual Handling Training 

Our training can help your employees understand the dangers which can occur with manual handling, which is one of the main causes of work-related musculoskeletal disorders in the UK. Protect your employees as far as possible by modifying workstations to reduce carrying distances and break up large loads into more manageable amounts.

Working at Height

We can provide training which will help your staff work safely at heights, and ensure that all work carried out at height is planned and supervised in the appropriate manner. 

Slips, trips and falls

31% of all non fatal injuries to employees were caused by slips, trips or falls in the year 2017/18. We can help you assess flooring for maintenance, and put in place practices which mean all staff are aware of their responsibilities in the working environment.

HR Services Which Can Support Your Employees

Disciplinary issues

We can help ensure that you have the procedures in place to ensure they wear their PPE (personal protective equipment) and if they don’t raise disciplinary issues and carry out the necessary procedures is critical. 

Working Time Directive issues

Gone are the days of working 100 hour weeks. We can help you feel confident that you and your staff know the appropriate procedures around working hours and are operating under them. 

Shift work 

Understand the regulations surrounding shift work. Ensure all employees undertaking shift work have appropriate breaks, especially those completing night shifts. Equally, make sure you feel confident in your approach to managing absence and encouraging a fair distribution of weekend or evening shifts.

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